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Making Myself Feel More Beautiful

After I had four kids, I could tell that my dedication to my children had really caused some problems with my body. I was left wondering what to do, how to stay in shape, and how to move on with my life after children. I wanted to feel like myself again, so I started looking for a great place to help me to make a few surgical changes. I was able to find a cosmetic surgeon that truly understood my needs, and he did incredible work. This blog is for anyone out there who wants to make themselves feel better than ever before.


Microdneedling: Why Consider This Treatment And Where Can You Get It Done?

If you want to get some microneedling done, you can benefit in big ways. Your body benefits from this noninvasive cosmetic care need by having an opportunity to renew skin growth and encourage cell turnover.

Learn what microdneedling is, why you should get it done, and where you can get it done. Your microneedling needs can be maintained at home as well if you want to invest in some at-home care in between treatments.

What is microneedling? 

Microneedling is the type of care you can get to help tighten the skin in large areas of the body, such as the stomach, thighs, buttocks, and even the whole face. This is the process of using a small tool to puncture tiny areas of skin, encouraging the skin to repair itself. In the reparation process, the skin is plumped, smoothed, tightened, and made fresh and new.

While the process sounds daunting, it's hardly invasive. The tiny areas of skin are more irritated and encouraged to repair than anything else, and done correctly, should not be painful or even uncomfortable. A special serum is used to help protect the skin during the process of microneedling, and after some minor pink or redness after the process, you can go back to regular activities following a procedure.

Why get microneedling done?

If you have mild or moderate areas of skin that could use some smoothing, lifting, or repair of some kind, including removing or reducing scars, then consider microneedling. It can be done over large areas of skin and doesn't have to be done that frequently. You have to let your skin heal for a while between treatments, so you don't have to get a microneedling treatment done every day to have great results.

Where to have microneedling done?

You can have microneedling done at your local medical spa. A traditional spa may also be able to offer this treatment if allowed in your state, and you can even have this treatment done at your dermatologist's office or cosmetic doctor's office as well. Microneedling is a great way to help maintain your skin and give it some extra TLC and can be used in addition to other treatments for the face or body.

If you want to give microneedling a try, consult your cosmetic specialist to learn more. You'll get a lot out of your treatments and give yourself a new treatment plan that can work well for you to help you feel great about the skin you're in.