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3 Things To Know About A Forehead Lift

If your forehead has a lot of lines and wrinkles, or if you've noticed that your eyebrows have started to droop, you may be a good candidate for a forehead lift. A forehead lift, also referred to as a brow lift, surgically raises the eyebrows and smooths the lines around your forehead and eyes. Here's what you need to know about a forehead lift to decide if it's the right procedure for you.

1. A Forehead Lift Can Improve the Appearance of Multiple Facial Details

One reason that a forehead lift is a top procedure is that it improves the appearance of multiple facial details between your hairline and eyes. Patients notice that their forehead appears smooth and tight, the skin around their eyes looks taunt, and there's no more drooping skin around their forehead or eyes. Frown lines and vertical creases around the eyebrows are also gone.

It's also possible to combine a brow lift with other plastic surgery procedures, like the removal of lower eyelid skin or a facelift. Talk to your doctor to determine what procedures will yield your desired results. 

2. You'll Need Assistance the Day of the Procedure

Though many patients go home the same day they have a brow lift, they do need help from a friend or family member. You'll need someone to drive you home from your procedure, as you'll be groggy from painkillers used during and after the operation.

Your first night at home will require that someone spend the night with you. This person might need to help you with basic tasks (like cooking or getting in and out of bed), and they should keep an eye on you for signs of infection. A brow lift doesn't impact your mobility, but the painkillers used in the days right after surgery may leave you feeling sleepy and woozy. 

3. Complete Healing Can Take Several Months

Though you'll notice that a lot of the swelling and irritation from your forehead lift goes away within a couple weeks of your procedure, it might take more than a month for your appearance to completely return to normal. Some patients notice that it takes several months for all the bruising and swelling to completely subside.

You can cover any bruising from your procedure with makeup once your sutures are healed (usually within a couple weeks). Most patients return to work a couple weeks after their surgery, but you might need a little more time off if you work in extreme temperatures or in a physical job. It's important to avoid subjecting your surgery site to excessive pressure or motion until you're completely healed. 

For more information, contact a plastic surgery center near you.