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Making Myself Feel More Beautiful

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Three Advantages Of Choosing A Mini Tummy Tuck

If you desire a flatter stomach and are eager to turn to cosmetic surgery to realize this goal, you're likely thinking about getting a tummy tuck. Your next step will be to schedule a consultation appointment at a local cosmetic surgery clinic, where you'll have the opportunity to discuss the procedure with a surgeon. As you learn more about a tummy tuck, your surgeon may also bring up the idea of a mini tummy tuck. There are plenty of similarities between these two procedures, but if the amount of extra skin around your abdomen is more moderate, a mini tummy tuck might be better for you. Here are three advantages of choosing this procedure.

A Smaller Scar

A conventional tummy tuck leaves you with a lengthy scar — typically, one that essentially stretches from hip to hip. Although this scar will fade over time, it won't absolutely disappear. When you get a mini tummy tuck instead, you'll be pleased to know that the incision is not nearly as long. The shorter length of the scar allows you to move with less discomfort in the days that follow the tummy tuck, but also leaves less of a mark on your body.

No Need For A Drain

A full tummy tuck procedure often requires the surgeon to leave one or more drains in your body to allow excess fluid to escape. A drain conventionally consists of a length of tube that has one end inside your abdomen and the other end connected to a bag that you wear under your clothing. Provided that there aren't any complications, you usually don't have the wear the drain for a long time, but it can still be a hassle. A mini tummy tuck doesn't usually involve a drain, helping you to avoid this inconvenience.

Shorter Recovery Time

The fact that the mini tummy tuck's incision is smaller and less of your abdominal area has to be worked on means that you'll get to have a shorter recovery time than a patient who opts for a fully tummy tuck. Every patient appreciates needing less time to recover, but this can especially be enticing for people with busy schedules. For example, if you've decided to have a mini tummy tuck to reduce excess skin from being pregnant and you have two young children who require your attention, you likely want your recovery period to be as quick as possible.

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