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Making Myself Feel More Beautiful

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What You Need to Know About PRP Breast Lifts

With regular new inventions and methods happening nearly every day, the cosmetic augmentation field is one constantly growing and changing. Breast augmentations, in one form or another, are one of the most common cosmetic procedures—but what if you want a slightly more natural way to enhance your chest? If you're curious about what a relatively new procedure called a PRP breast lift can do for your breasts, then here's what you need to know.

It Uses Your Own Blood

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which comes from a doctor taking a small amount of your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge until the plasma (and growth factors) are separated from the rest of the blood. This plasma with the growth factors is then injected into the desired area, helping the skin to rejuvenate itself.

But how does this lift your breasts? The growth factors help to make your skin look younger (and actually grow new tissue to replace old or damaged tissue), help restore sensitivity to areas that have become less sensitive, and even help restore fullness to areas that have sagged a little, making your breasts perkier and younger-looking.

It Requires No Downtime

Unlike other breast augmentation procedures, PRP breast lifts simply require an injection or two and can be performed in as little as ten minutes. This short time in the doctor's chair translates to recovery as well; because this isn't a surgical procedure, it requires no downtime.

It might take a couple weeks to see the full effects of this breast lift, but you can go back to work the same day, if necessary. This makes it perfect for everyone who doesn't have the luxury of weeks to recover from surgery (from busy soccer moms to high-powered executives) but still wants to give their breasts a little lift.

It Can Be Paired With Surgery

If you want to increase the size of your bust, a PRP breast lift won't do the job—alone, that is. However, when paired with a normal fat transfer augmentation, a PRP breast lift can help to protect against any loss of sensation or skin problems with your new breasts.

Any expansion of your breasts can lead to blood vessels being blocked; a PRP lift helps to prevent that by introducing growth factors that help the new fat assimilate without an loss of sensitivity in the breasts or nipples. Not only will your bust size increase with this 2-for-1 procedure, but your skin will feel new, natural, and younger.

To learn more about your options, contact services that provide breast augmentation surgery.