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3 Ways To Enhance The Effects Of Your Doctor's Migraine Treatments

Interested in learning how you can enhance the effects of your doctor's prescribed treatments for your headaches? Here are three effective options you can make use of:

Think about Botox

Unbelievably, Botox treatments can be used for more than just inhibiting wrinkles. Not only is the treatment beneficial to those with overactive eye spasms, but it also tends to work wonders when it comes to migraine headaches—and with no side effects to worry about. It's important to keep in mind that Botox is a temporary solution, so to take advantage of it long term, you'll have to schedule regular treatment sessions throughout the year.

But with those regular treatments, you can expect to benefit from younger-looking skin and a lesser chance of spasms in the eye area overall. Talk to a doctor like Cynthia Lawder, MD to devise a plan that incorporates their prescription with the Botox treatment so you can create optimal results together.

Make Use of Essential Oils

Another effective way to enhance the effectiveness of your doctor's prescribed migraine treatments is to make use of essential oils. There are quite a few to choose from that in one way or another can help calm the pain and lessen the length of your migraines. You can use a diffuser to release the oils into your home's air, put drops of the oils into your bath, or even massage the oils directly into your skin. Here are a few effective options to consider trying:

  • Peppermint – helps ease tension and clear the mind without causing any drowsiness.
  • Lavender – acts as an anti-inflammatory and can be used as a sedative when it's tough to sleep.
  • Eucalyptus – especially helpful for migraines that develop due to chronic sinusitis.

Try combining your favorite essential oils together with the ones listed here to create a custom treatment that meets your mental and psychological needs.

Start a Meditation Practice

Meditation helps to get rid of tension throughout the entire body, including the head and neck muscles, which can have a direct correlation on the occurrence, intensity, and length of your migraine headaches. Along with reduced migraine occurrence and intensity, you can expect a more positive outlook and reduced overall stress in your life when practicing meditation on a regular basis.

Just a few minutes a few times a week can make a significant impact in your life that both you and your loved ones notice. Rent DVDs and books from the library to learn about all the aspects of meditation and then create a practice schedule in the privacy of your home that meets your specific emotional and mental needs as time goes on.