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5 Ingredients To Look For In Your Anti-Aging Products

If you use anti-aging products, such as wrinkle creams that claim to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and face washes and toners that are supposed to make your face glow like you are in your twenties, you need to be aware of what ingredients can actually help with the anti-aging products. Here are five ingredients you should check for on the label of products that claim to have anti-aging properties.

#1 Retinol

Retinol occurs natural in our skin all on its own. It also is a derivative that can be pulled out of vitamin A. Pure vitamin A, when used in skin products, can give your skin an unnatural orange tint, but the derivative found inside of vitamin A can actually help your body fight against wrinkles. This is a powerful ingredient to look for in anti-wrinkle cream because it is essentially providing your body with more of what it naturally uses to fight against wrinkles.

#2 Sunflower, Camellia & Pomegranate Oil

Natural oils, such as sunflower, camellia, and pomegranate oils, that are prepared in a natural and organic environment and don't have anything else added to them can help fight wrinkles in your skin as well. All three of the oils listed above contain a high amount of antioxidants. When antioxidants are applied to your skin, it helps protect your skin from sun damage. These three oils also help your body produce more collagen, which repairs damage to your skin caused by the sun and by wrinkles. The vitamin E that is inside each of these three oils is what promotes your body to produce more collagen.

#3 Sugar

If you want to exfoliate your skin, try to use products that are sugar-based. Although eating too much sugar may not be that healthy for your body, sugar can be great for your skin. Using a sugar-based scrub on your skin a couple of times a month is a great way to remove dead skin from your face. When you remove dead skin cells from your face, your face will look more vibrant and less dull. The next time you need an exfoliator, buy one that lists brown or granulated sugar as one of the top ingredients.

#4 Beta & Alpha Hydroxy Acids

These two types of acids come from fruits. Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids are able to break up the bonds that keep dead skins cells attached to your skin and face. When these bonds are broken, your skin will look fresher. When you purchase a mask or peel for your face, look for these two natural ingredients. They will help freshen your face more than most synthetic ingredients can.

#5 Botanical Ingredients

If you are trying to fight against sun spots or dark spots on your skin, you are going to want to use creams and serums that contain botanical ingredients. There are a range of botanical ingredients that can help fight against dark spots and sun spots on your skin, such as licorice root, peony extract, daisy extract, and soy. These botanical ingredients can help your body produce more melanin, which will help repair your skin. Additionally, these botanical ingredients, when applied to your skin, can help fight off free radicals that damage your skin cells through the antioxidants that they contain. These products work best when they are mixed into creams and serums that you ideally apply to your face in the morning so they have all day to work on your skin.

The next time you want to fight the aging process, look for the ingredients listed above in the products that you use and purchase. Natural ingredients are often the best way to fight the aging process. 

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