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Making Myself Feel More Beautiful

After I had four kids, I could tell that my dedication to my children had really caused some problems with my body. I was left wondering what to do, how to stay in shape, and how to move on with my life after children. I wanted to feel like myself again, so I started looking for a great place to help me to make a few surgical changes. I was able to find a cosmetic surgeon that truly understood my needs, and he did incredible work. This blog is for anyone out there who wants to make themselves feel better than ever before.


Should You Have Laser Hair Removal Performed On Your Legs?

Shaving your legs only takes a few minutes, but over time, all of those few-minute sessions really add up. Are you starting to feel like you spend too much time shaving your legs, only to have stubbly, uncomfortable legs a day or two later anyways? You're not alone. Many women are seeking a more effective, permanent way to remove leg hair. Laser hair removal is one such option. Here's a look at its pros and cons. Read More